1. Mother Russia

XHouseMusic (XHM) fits with my favorite Music Artists who can’t help but put a thumping, gleeful, unconstrained beat and synth line in every song they touch. I belong up on stage with Tiesto, David Guetta, Diplo, Galantis, Morgan Page, honoring Avicii and the list goes on. I created original songs with great beats in hopes to step into the music Industry and step out on main stages all over the world. Enjoying music with other music lovers. To look across a crowd and have the listeners sing along and dance with me, would be ultimate.



in this modern time
that a powerhouse
still frowns and tries to keep
the lgbt down
a country whose
network has burrowed into mine
could really give to shits if
two homos crossed any line.

I've grown up watching movies
all my life
why is russia always portrayed
as the bad guy
though I've only met a few before
they are all good people
and thats for sure

Verse 02

Come on Russia, make a stand
let your people, love any hand.
Be free to love, whoever they want.
Cause life about love, and loves what we got.

We all make choices, lets make the right ones.
Lets spread love and get this fight done.
Let the light run, shine on us.
Cause if we work together, life will be fine for us.

So come on Russia, lets stand together.
Love whoever, and love forever,
Be free to love, at our own will.
Free to love, I said free for real.

Some times when it rains it pours.
Some times the other team scores.
But no matter what, gotta stay strong.
Gotta have fun and make life last long.

We got stuff to do.
We got people to see.
We got things to prove,
To the ones that don’t believe.

So come with me, run with me,
All positive vibes and fun with me.
Mother Russias love to me.
So heres a letter sent with love from me.