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Will you have Make out and Pleasure yourself or others appropriately to my music?

Yes, The answer is, Yes! 1
No, I want to dance and sing-a-long to your songs first and decide which one would be best for me during sex. 0
Maybe, Depends on where the night goes and if the person I am with (maybe myself) likes to listen to music during sex. 0
Omg, I didn't even think about trying it out but I am so going to. I am excited. 0
WTF? That is brilliant. High five XHouseMusic. 940
941 responses
'To the lovers, to the romantics, to the passionate at heart, to all those who have had amazing sex, to all those who explore yourself as you should and to those who want to explore and learn to love themselves more. Don't be ashamed. If it feels good and makes you feel good. If it relieves stress and brings love in your life. Then enjoy what we have been given. Enjoy your body and those who share themselves with you. Be kind always; to you and to those trusting you. Do not abuse another persons soul, especially yours. Love yourself, You are beautiful and deserve the pleasures given to you. Enjoy XHouseMusic, Enjoy life. Be the person you want to be and be happy.' Love XHouseMusic” - XHouseMusic

— XHouseMusic

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